What’s the easiest way to fund my poker account?

Funding your account is easy. From the desktop client, simply click the transaction center button and proceed with the option you prefer. From the mobile clients, click LOAD from either the home page or the account page. Please ensure that the pop up options on your phone or tablet are enabled. From there, on all clients, you will select the chip package option of your choice and proceed to check out where you will select your payment preference. Most options will load your Atlas Poker account instantly. Please DO NOT leave the pop up window or attempt to sign in again. This will cause your deposit to unsuccessfully load automatically.

We offer a variety of different deposit methods including digital wallets and Bitcoin (BTC).

If you are choosing to deposit with BTC, please be aware that does not control the exchange rates of any digital wallet. The rate is based on a concurrent average of multiple wallets. We also require 3 conformations on the Blockchain to fund BTC deposits. In some situations, this can take more than an hour. For an expedited process, please select a higher fee delivery (most wallets offer this).

How do I redeem from Atlas Poker?

ATLAS POKER offers three forms of redeem options. Please read each section before selecting your option as each have different terms and conditions. Just select the “REDEEM” option in the cashier. From here, you will see four boxes and a drop down menu. A minimum of 100 Reward Points are required for all redemptions.

     “Amount” – The desired amount to redeem.

     “Desired Method” – The Digital Wallet of choice’s name or Bitcoin.

     “Drop Down Menu” – Please select the appropriate option.

     “Full Address or Handle” – This field is for your BTC address, or your digital wallet handle (username) or email associated.

     “Phone Number” – Please provide an accurate number so that we may contact you with any issues.

     *Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and uncontrollable delays with the USPS, we have suspended all checks. Please select a digital option.

1. You may choose to redeem via Bitcoin. Please verify the wallet address you provide before submitting. A 3.5% fee will be associated with this method. If the address is incorrect, Atlas Poker cannot be held responsible. There is a minimum of $200 required for this option. 

2. You may choose to redeem to a digital wallet. These are P2P wallets. There is a 3.5% fee, up to $10, associated with this method and this option is limited to availability. Please provide the name of the wallet in the desired method box and your handle with that wallet in the address/handle section. There is a minimum of $100 required for this option.

With all choices, please make sure that your account has been verified. Non verified accounts are subject to redeem decline. Atlas Poker processes redeem requests ONCE per week, PER player. These are processed on business days and are done in the order they are received. Atlas Poker GUARANTEES your payment in 72 hours of request. Federal and National Holidays may cause a delay. You may submit redeem requests any day, but all are subject to these terms. There is a MAX of 1500 redeem request per week. Any larger requests are subject to further review. If your request is declined for any reason, please contact us at